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Copperopolis Road Race


Women’s Pro/1/2


Saturday, April 4th, 2015


A 21 mile loop of fair to terrible paving, two climbs and a fast, very bumpy, twisty descent. Continue reading “Copperopolis Road Race”


What a Year, and It’s far from Over

This year truly has been exciting for me and probably will continue like this as long as I find something to be excited about and to be inspired by those around me to at it. To start the year, I was inspired by my boyfriend to give my first cycling race a go. So, on January 1st, Chris and I left on one of many bright and early mornings to head up north to race our road bikes. I was ignorant of what racing one’s bike was all about. With having spent the fall training for my first half marathon, the Big Sur Half Marathon, I thought I was in shape. Continue reading “What a Year, and It’s far from Over”


Reflections #10: Hanse Sail und Aufwiedersehen

I knew this trip was going to come to an end sooner than later, but somehow it still shocks me when I realize that I’ve spent three months in a different country and now I’m about to set foot on a plane that will take me far away from what I just adjusted to. Time goes by fast when you’re having fun! Although this must have been the rainiest summer Germany had experienced in a long time, those rare days of sunshine became that much more rewarding. Even on stormy days, I found other things to do than to travel from city to city or to go to the beach on the weekends. The best example would be this past week. Every day someone would say…”yup today the weather sucks, but have you heard about tomorrow? Tomorrow it’s supposed to be much better!”. In our case up North, those rumors never turned into reality. Most of the time, the weather was much worse on the days that followed.

Weather Continue reading “Reflections #10: Hanse Sail und Aufwiedersehen”


Reflections #9: Diving with the Seals

Spending parts of my life in the golden state of California, I’ve come across lots of surfers, swimmers, and divers. The Monterey Bay Aquarium was always one of my favorite places to visit as a kid. Even now, as an adult, it fascinates me to see all the different types of career paths you can take as a biologist–especially when working at the aquarium. From a researcher to a SCUBA diver, there’s something for every type of biologist. I’ve become very attached to the ocean, but never would have imagined to get the chance to go SCUBA diving in the Baltic Sea while I was here for the internship. Yesterday was the day! Every Sunday we have the divers from the Dive Center, Hohe Düne, come to the MSC for an afternoon dive with the seals. While talking to one of the diving instructors, I asked if they had plans to go diving that afternoon. Although all dives had been canceled on Saturday due to the weather, everything was back on track on Sunday. The instructor asked if I’d be interested in joining them in two hours, and although this was really spontaneous, I couldn’t say ‘no’. Continue reading “Reflections #9: Diving with the Seals”


Reflections #8: DAAD RISE Scholars meeting in Heidelberg

It’s come and gone! This entire trip to Germany seemed to have reached its climax last week, but nevertheless, I still remain in GER. Most of my co-workers here at the Marine Science Center went on a week-long conference in Bonn, and then it was my own time to go to a meeting in Heidelberg. I was very excited to meet the other interns who are working as physicists, chemists, biologists, and in other fields of the natural sciences across the land in Germany for this summer. Continue reading “Reflections #8: DAAD RISE Scholars meeting in Heidelberg”


Reflections #7: Warnemünder Woche

With all the excitement from the Warnemünde Woche now finally dissipating, it’s about time I recall all my wonderful memories and tell you about them. The Warnemünde Woche, as you could probably guess, takes place in the busy tourist town called Warnemünde each year. Warnemünde is an active city anyways, but during this special week, there’s even more to see, do, and new things to try (on the culinary-side). Continue reading “Reflections #7: Warnemünder Woche”


Reflections #6: Berlin–City of action and history

This past weekend I wanted to travel a bit. So I jumped on the next possible train to Berlin to see my family and to experience the “Festival der Kulturen”. It was a wonderful trip overall.

The Muegge Family on the Berlin side of the world
The Muegge Family on the Berlin side of the world
Die Hakenburg

When I visited my grandparents’ house in Lichtenrade the weather couldn’t have been any better. My grandma and I went on a scenic bike ride along the “Berliner Mauerweg” (The Berlin Wall Trail/Path) and we almost made it to Potsdam (which would have roughly been a complete trip of 50 miles). Instead our trip was only 27 miles long…which was long enough. It was quite the rough ride since many of the paths are made up of the uneven, bumpy Backstein Pflaster. My grandma and I had a blast though.
I was able to take a picture of some old remains of the Berlin Wall, the Hakeburg, and some impressive memorials at the Südwestkirchhof (a large graveyard in which some of Germany’s famous writers, nobles, and other nations heros rest in peace).


Reflections #5: Interesting Innovations


I have heard and seen robotic vacuum machines, but never have I
seen this–a robotic lawn mower! After a long day outside, eating another Mohnschnecke, enjoying a scoop of gelato, going to basketball practice with Dirk Stenke, going swimming in the ocean, and looking at the artistic sand sculptures at Pier 7; I finally made my way back to Hohe Düne.Robotic lawn mower

Taking a different route back home, I explored the “Hohe Düne Hotel” complex and found, to my amazement, multiple robotic lawn mowers speeding across the grass on site. It’s pretty facinating to see them in action. I believe they can sense when and where the lawn stops and if there is something (an object or animal) in its anticipated path.

I was also happy to find a work-out or fitness parkour on the complex which I’ll be sure to use this upcoming week. It was another great day overall. Almost a little bit too warm for my taste, but as long as I could cool down in the chilly ocean water, it was pleasant.


Reflections #4: Taste the Happiness

German culinary art is outstanding. People come from all over the world to try some of Germany’s most admired cultural venues. I most admire the baking tradition here. It is hard to miss the “Bäckerei” or “Café” signs at almost every street corner. Here, people can satisfy their appetite by trying the more tradition breads (Vollkorn-, Dinkel-, Weißbrot etc.), rolls (my favorite are Laugenbrötchen), and then there are the pastries. Yesterday I tried a “Mohnschnecke” and brought it down to the beach for a sweet afternoon snack. It was absolutely delicious. It’s a dessert that contains a poppyseed filling and has a sugar glaze on top. The one I tried yesterday was a bit dry, but I’ve had numerous other ones that were made to perfection (sweet, light, and containing just the right amount of moisture so you didn’t need an additional drink to accompany the pastry).

A delicious Mohnschnecke. Took 5 minutes to buy, 1 minute to devour.

As mentioned, I spent most of the afternoon along the ocean front. Here the locals flock the beach starting as early as sunrise, the tourists take wind- and regular surfing lessons, and others simply enjoy the weather with their friends and family. The fun lies in catching the waves! The water fronts here are fairly calm (probably due to soft and hard armoring along the coast), without big waves that you can use to surf. Nevertheless, people wait along the shore until the occasional wave hits.

Scandlines cargo and passenger ship
Scandlines cargo and passenger ship

This happens everytime a big freight ship or cruise ship enters or exits the harbor close by. As soon as one wave breaks at the beach, a mass of surfers runs into the water. It was pretty entertaining to watch. What I also liked as I walked along the “Promenade” that stretches parallel to the beach, were the numerous kites flying up high. People here really take advantage when a day of nice weather reaches Warnemünde and the surrounding towns.

Flags and kites
Flags and kites

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