I am a recent graduate of the Monterey Institute of International Studies (A Graduate School of Middlebury College) in Monterey, California (USA), but home for me is in many places across the globe. Originally from Germany, I have spent the last eleven years in the US and have continued in my parents’ footsteps of having a passion for traveling and exploring new places. Besides indulging in multicultural exchanges, I am an avid cyclist & runner, love to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen, and take pleasure in capturing everyday moments with the click of my camera.

Racing at the 2015 Tour of America’s Dairyland

What comes to mind when you hear America’s Dairyland? …Well, Wisconsin of course! Wisconsin is known as the Badger State and it is also the dairy capital of the U.S. … Continue reading Racing at the 2015 Tour of America’s Dairyland

Budweiser Sequoia Cycling Classic Criterium

CATEGORY Women’s Pro/1/2 DATE Sunday, April 26th, 2015 COURSE DESCRIPTION 0.7 mile counter-clockwise course starting in front of the City Hall. Lots of spectators, lots of primes, great prizes! RACE … Continue reading Budweiser Sequoia Cycling Classic Criterium

Copperopolis Road Race

Though there aren’t any cobblestones on this course, due to the poor conditions of these roads, the Copperopolis Road Race is often referred to as the Paris Roubaix of California. Here my race report from this year’s Women’s Pro 1/2 race.