Getting off to a good start

I have never felt so alive.

Back in December, I was often plagued by impatience and doubt about Chris and my training strategy. I wanted to believe that it would all turn out great in 2016, but after having a much more structured minute-by-minute workout plan in 2015 to guide the off-season’s training, our approach into 2016 was something much more abstract and took a while for my mind to accept.

Eventually I did, and look what happened.

Photo By: Jule Muegge

Started the year on the right foot by competing in a running event. Yes, running! With our weekly appearance at the MPC college track for the sprint workouts, we made it a goal to run one last time on January 1st, 2016 before switching gears. Along with my family, Chris and I raced the Rio Resolution New Year’s Run. Of course Chris and I didn’t just drive to the event, we rode our bikes as a warm-up!

Since then, I’ve done 10 road races, 6 of which I’ve won–CCCX #2 (1st), Cherry Pie Crit (1st), Folsom Winter Crit (2nd), Copper Town Circuit Race (1st), Slugapalooza Crit (1st), Chico Stage Race (1st RR, 7th GC), and most recently a SoCal event in Bakersfield, the 7th Annual Vlees Huis Ronde Road Race (1st). I think there’s absolutely no doubt left in my mind that all the hard work we put into this off-season is paying off.

Photo By : Josh Cook

January was wonderful. We took a trip up to Bodega Bay and had the opportunity to ride along the misty and mysterious coastline of the sleepy Northern Town together with Eamon Lucas, Josh Cook, and Tony Kelsey.

What else happened in January? Chris and I are active members of the NCNCA Mentor Program and so throughout January we helped coach beginner riders at the Early Bird Practice Races (great opportunity for any racer/rider of all levels to get back into racing). We did our own mini-version of the coast ride by riding long on the same weekend but staying locally, then riding out and back to the Big Sur Bakery, and then the following weekend Chris had his Monterey Bay Racing Team camp and I tagged along. It was an entire weekend of riding up and down the hills of Paso Robles, passing a vineyard after vineyard. Don Chapin put together a fantastic team for 2016.

Have I mentioned, I joined a new team of badass women for the 2016 cycling season?! Yes, I joined the domestic elite squad, LA Sweat.

LA Sweat was launched by Team Owner and Manager Kelli Samuelson just last year as a new women’s cycling team that wanted to do things differently. The team strived to pull personalities from their pedals and make a team that’s as much about racing as they are about lifestyle. This year the team is back with a great mix of raw talent, experience and up-and-coming riders.

I’m thrilled to represent our team and sponsors and ride my heart out. We are sponsored by great companies, including Cinelli, Castelli, Yakima, Giro, Smith Optics, Nuun, Luxewheelworks, Chris King, BikeFlights, Challenge Tires, Sram, and Bar Fly.



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