Reflections #7: Warnemünder Woche

With all the excitement from the Warnemünde Woche now finally dissipating, it’s about time I recall all my wonderful memories and tell you about them. The Warnemünde Woche, as you could probably guess, takes place in the busy tourist town called Warnemünde each year. Warnemünde is an active city anyways, but during this special week, there’s even more to see, do, and new things to try (on the culinary-side).

Giant wheels of cheese
Giant wheels of cheese

The action all begins July 1st . The beginning of July marks the grand opening of the so-called “Bummelmeile” ( “stroll mile”) along the historic “Alter Strom” (a small, busy channel that cuts into the mainland creating a harbor for small fishing boats, boat tourism and a highway for small shops and vendors along the waterfront).

Busy Ostmole
Busy Ostmole

My friends from the MSC (Marine Science Center–my work) and I crossed the River Warnow with the ferry on a daily basis to make our appearance at all these exciting events. Each day there was a new band performing at the stage beside the lighthouse. On Monday night we enjoyed the musicianship of the “Pirate Band”, AARRR!! None of us knew what to expect, but it all turned out to be pretty entertaining.

MSC chicas dancing to the "Bad Penny" band songs
MSC chicas dancing to the “Bad Penny” band songs

Another band we would recommend was the groups called “Bad Penny”. This band of local artists played German rock and some of the most popular English hits, creating the perfect environment to sing as loud as you wanted and to dance to the sounds. It probably seems funny to all the young folks in town, but all the music has to end by around 10pm here. This is a rule set by the local inhabitants, or so I heard. This is all because the majority of the people with permanent housing along the beachfront and old downtown are of older generations and have lived here the longest, which gives them seniority and more say in local decision making. I think many of the younger people in their early twenties and late teens, became a bit annoyed by this rule, since the music would often be over long before the evening sky actually turned dark. Warnemünde is so far North, the sky doesn’t turn dark until close to midnight during the summer. This has lots of pros, but also a number of cons. One big benefit I find is that you’re able to make the most of the day by spending as much time outside as possible. Even in the late evening, the city is busy with night life. Most bars around here have live music until early in the morning, some cafes and restaurants are open past the usual closing hours of 8pm, and in a city like Warnemünde, there’s always something to do along the beach.

Other exciting events to see at the Warnemünder Woche were the skydivers, sail boat races, dragonboat races, street performers, beach handball tournament, and other musicians and dancers. There was often so much going on at the same time, it was hard to decide what to do or see first.

Dragonboat racers getting ready for take-off
Dragonboat racers getting ready for take-off

There were hundreds of street vendors along the promenade each day. Some were local Imbiss booths, others were from far away. We tried “Langos”, a Hungarian specialty, crepes, German Bratwurst, candied almonds, Döner from a vendor from Turkey, real German beer and many other German delights.

Overall, I really enjoyed this eventful week. It was too bad that some of the events were canceled because of the weather. Had the weather been less stormy during the first couple of days, maybe it would have drawn even more visitors from Rostock and neighboring cities.


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  1. Hanna, It’s fantastic to see you living life at full speed. You are still an exceptional individual who I am so happy to have known if only for a short time. You go girl and if your ever in Northern California(San Francisco to Sacramento). Call me and I’ll show you around. I wish you all the Best, Steve Purcell (916) 716-3259

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