This past weekend I wanted to travel a bit. So I jumped on the next possible train to Berlin to see my family and to experience the “Festival der Kulturen”. It was a wonderful trip overall.

The Muegge Family on the Berlin side of the world
The Muegge Family on the Berlin side of the world
Die Hakenburg

When I visited my grandparents’ house in Lichtenrade the weather couldn’t have been any better. My grandma and I went on a scenic bike ride along the “Berliner Mauerweg” (The Berlin Wall Trail/Path) and we almost made it to Potsdam (which would have roughly been a complete trip of 50 miles). Instead our trip was only 27 miles long…which was long enough. It was quite the rough ride since many of the paths are made up of the uneven, bumpy Backstein Pflaster. My grandma and I had a blast though.
I was able to take a picture of some old remains of the Berlin Wall, the Hakeburg, and some impressive memorials at the Südwestkirchhof (a large graveyard in which some of Germany’s famous writers, nobles, and other nations heros rest in peace).