Reflections #5: Interesting Innovations


I have heard and seen robotic vacuum machines, but never have I
seen this–a robotic lawn mower! After a long day outside, eating another Mohnschnecke, enjoying a scoop of gelato, going to basketball practice with Dirk Stenke, going swimming in the ocean, and looking at the artistic sand sculptures at Pier 7; I finally made my way back to Hohe Düne.Robotic lawn mower

Taking a different route back home, I explored the “Hohe Düne Hotel” complex and found, to my amazement, multiple robotic lawn mowers speeding across the grass on site. It’s pretty facinating to see them in action. I believe they can sense when and where the lawn stops and if there is something (an object or animal) in its anticipated path.

I was also happy to find a work-out or fitness parkour on the complex which I’ll be sure to use this upcoming week. It was another great day overall. Almost a little bit too warm for my taste, but as long as I could cool down in the chilly ocean water, it was pleasant.


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