Reflections #3: Ferry this, ferry that

Traveling by boat sounds time consuming, but really it really isn’t in this niche of Germany. Although I live in Warnemünde (GER), the only way to quickly get to downtown Warnemünde, is by boat – specifically by ferry. At first I thought buying the occasionally ferry ticket would be enough, but I’ve come to realize that I’m better off buying a pass for the entire month, which also covers the bus system and S-Bahn system in the entire area considered part of Rostock. On a regular basis, I take the ferry across the channel to the other side, where all the action is.

Today was an exceptionally beautiful day here. We had an average temperature of about 73 degrees and only a slight breeze. On my way home, after going to go workout in downtown Rostock, I took some fantastic pictures of the horizon as seen from the ferry. It was absolutely stunning.

Big ship

Tomorrow is a special day over at the docks. Once in a while when multiple big cruise ships leave the harbor, there is a type of “going-away” celebration at the harbor front. Mostly there are lots of small food stands selling Bratwurst, beer and ice cream (or so I have been informed), but there will also be some fireworks later on in the night. One of these huge ships was anchored in the harbor all afternoon, and although I didn’t think it would leave so soon, it departed by the time I returned to Warnemünde.

I’ll keep you posted if I end up going to the Board Party tomorrow. For now it’s, Gute Nacht (good night) und bis Morgen (’til tomorrow).


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