Reflection: It’s almost been three years

Flipping through my pictures on Facebook from the last couple years brought back some of the great memories I had during my internship at the Marine Science Center through the Universität Rostock in 2011. Since I was blogging on a different page through the DAAD German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) I thought it might be nice to re-visit some of those blog entries.

Entry #1: Herrentag in Germany–watch out! (Posted June 3rd, 2011)

ImageYesterday was Christi Himmelfahrt in Germany, also known as father’s day and in the religious realm, it’s the return of Jesus Christ as the son of God in heaven. This day always takes place 39 days after Easter Sunday and always lands on a Thursday. It’s a national holiday in Germany, which means that most stores are closed and it makes it a bit harder to get around.

Literally, it’s hard to get around. I was unaware of how this day is celebrated here in Warnemünde, but quickly learned that wearing a nice dress and walking the streets alone as a woman isn’t the smartest thing to do on this day. Christi Himmelfahrt is also known as “Herrentag” (The day of Men). Basically, many men take full advantage of drinking beer and then walk or try to walk through town in groups with their friends. Some people are simply out of their minds on this day. They sit along the street with megaphones and holler at people whenever they think it’s funny.
Bootfahrt mit JuleNevertheless, I had a great day at work (it was optional, but I took advantage of getting more accustomed with working with the harbor seals here at the Marine Science Center) and then took the ferry to Warnemünde to enjoy the rest of my evening. The sun doesn’t set until around 11pm here so it’s easy to be outside for a long time here. This throws off my entire biological clock though, since I’m used to being up until it gets dark and then waking up as soon as the sunsets in the morning (here that would mean around 4:30am already). I made my way along the beautiful harbor, taking pictures and eating a delicious Italian ice cream. If you want to taste “real” ice cream, have some German Italian ice cream. It is the best! My favorite flavor of the day was yoghurt with cherry. I also had ‘Johannisbeere’ (Red Currant), but it wasn’t as good as yogurt.

Reseach Station at night


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