Recap on my first road race–San Bruno “Brutal” Hill Climb, Jan 1st, 2014

Not only was it the first race of the season for me, but my very first race ever. Yay! I’m glad to have participated in the Hill Climb but it made me realize how tough racing can be. Of course I’m aware that not every race will be on roads at grades 7-10%, but it gave me an idea of how much cycling works your entire body. I’m a runner at heart and though you work your heart, lungs and legs, running has never really affected my arms too. This race, engaged every part of my body. To be perfectly honest, I was hoping I would get a flat and call it a day, but that didn’t happen.

I ended up placing 12th in the Women’s Cat 3/4 group (Time–21:42.7 min).

Overall, I guess it was a good first race. Brutal, but great to cross the finish. It was one of the best ways to jump into the New Year!


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