Last Weekend of the Early Birds for Me

This race left me a bit mad at myself. I felt great throughout the race and maintained my position among the front 5 girls the entire time. During the last lap I pushed the tempo a bit more and was in the front the entire lap. That was a big mistake on my part. The last two races I was patient and waited until the end to then pull away to get the win. This time, having worked to push the pace for too long, I ended up not having a good sprint to the finish line. I came in third as Diana and Mei, two other strong riders pushed past me in the final turn.

Mainly I was upset because it was the last EB Crit for me in the series. I’m missing the next one and so have no opportunity to redeem myself and to learn from my mistake by applying it to another EB race. Some things I have to take into account though too are, a) I was racing on a brand new bike and wasn’t too comfortable with it yet, b) sprinting is still something I need to work on and so after pushing a hard gear for the last lap it would have been best to be in a smaller gear for the sprint, and c) I had put a lot more miles in this week and so I’m sure my body felt it. Overall, there are lots of positives to take away from the crit which can be applied to any race in the future. This is all a big learning curve for us newbies.

After the crit, teammates Jeremy, Chris, Andrew, and I went up Mt. Hamilton again. The weather conditions were great and the ascent seemed much more enjoyable than during our last few times up the hill. The backside was rough! It was much steeper than the initial climb, the road had many sharp turns in it, and there were many patches of sand in our lane for the descent. The guys did a great job on the descent for both the main part of the ride and down the back stretch. I hope I’ll quickly get more comfortable with descents!


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