Though my group’s mentoring session was very unorganized I really looked forward to the race. After crashing close to the end during the first Early Bird Crit. (but having held good positioning in a break-away pack), I had hoped to race well again this time. To avoid being stuck in the chaotic scene of finding good placement in our rather large Women’s Cat 4 group, I got to the front from the start. There were a few instances were one or two riders would attack, but I knew they wouldn’t maintain that pace for very long, and so a few other girls and I worked together to close the gap whenever there was one at the front. To be honest, I hadn’t been looking at the lap cards until I heard the bell sound to signal the last lap. That’s when three riders broke away and started sprinting away from the rest of us. I knew I had to catch at least one of the girl’s wheels. I managed to do so, but definitely felt tired as we rounded the second corner and were hit with the full force of the headwind on the course. Rounding the last turn one of the continuously reckless riders began picking up the pace even more. I ended up shifting into my highest gear and just worked my build-up (semi-sprint) until the finish. Finishing first was nice, especially knowing that we’ll actually work on sprinting in next time’s mentoring session. I have lots to learn :)

After the race, Monterey Bay Racing Team racers Jeremy Loader, Chris Cain and I met up at the golf course by Mt. Hamilton and rode to the observatory and back. It was definitely a good day of riding. I’m sorry to hear that Andrew crashed and messed up his bike, otherwise he may have joined us on our Mt. Hamilton ride as well! On a positive note for the women’s field, there were no crashed for the women yesterday!