End of the Weekend BBQ on the Rock Islands

To conclude my first weekend on the island I joined my supervisor, two of my co-workers, and their respective families on a bbq trip to the Rock Islands. We drove my neighbor’s boat to Makuo (my supervisor Wayne’s part of his village), loaded the boat with plenty of supplies and everyone who would be joining us on our trip, and then it was off to the Rock Islands in the slight drizzle of the afternoon. We barbequed two large unicorn fish in a cave, Louis (one of my co-workers) taught me how to make sashimi, and the kids had a great time swimming and doing flips off the boat while the food was getting prepared. After a quick prayer in the water, sashimi was served with soy sauce to everyone who wanted to swim closer to the cave.

P1010056Hanna Muegge preparing the sashimi

After lunch, Wayne, Louis and I took the boat for a quick ride further down the channel and we went spear fishing. This was my first time using the underwater camera and fins for a swim here and I was surprised by how quickly one miscalculates the depth they have dived to. The water is so light blue and it doesn’t change much with depth so one has to make sure there’s enough air in your lungs to get you back up to the surface. While I was shooting photos, Wayne was spear fishing. He caught a beautiful box fish about a foot in length.

P1010103Wayne Andrew and his boxfish

By the time Louis and I had dropped off everyone else at home it was pitch dark and we still needed to drive the boat back home (about a 10 minute drive in sunlight). I drove the boat most of the way back in low gear while Louis made sure we didn’t collide with other boats by signaling with our flashlight. It was a good drive home though it took much longer than 10 minutes.


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