CashewsOverall it was a great success! We had our first meeting today at the headquarters of Asociación Mangle. First off we went on a quick tour of the facility—among other things there’s also a Cashew Co-op on site. Janet, the president of la cooperativa del marañón gave us a brief explanation of how their co-op works. Each year they buy 30,000 pounds of cashews from local cashew farmers to process. Each pound of cashews goes for US $5.

Later we met with la Asociación Mangle and introduced our group and projects. There was definitely a good vibe in the room, but as we approached the two hour mark exhaustion showed on the faces of listeners, interpreters, and presenters. We did take a nice break outside our air-conditioned room, and though I loved the chilled room, feeling the sun on my face was a great change.