Trip to Bajo Lempa

Arriving in the Bajo Lempa took a bit longer than anticipated…probably four hours instead of three, but we had quite the adventure. Since we’ve all fallen in love with Pupusas, we were in search of a Pupusería. Since the first restaurant we stopped by only served soup or rabbit, that option was an immediate NO. We drove on for another hour and stopped along the highway where there were a number of open restaurants. Again, the restaurant closest to our parking spot wouldn’t serve Pupusas for another 20 minutes, so instead we decided to “safely” sprint across the highway to get to the restaurant on the other side. Though we had planned on stopping for as short of a time as possible, it still took a bit of time for the Pupusas to land on our plates. As we were rushed by the onset of the evening, we gobbled our Pupusas down on the road.

Luck seemed to be far from our side. In a part of San Salvador where it’s best to keep your doors locked at all times and not leave the car, the second of our caravan minibuses was hit by a car as we were getting across an intersection. It was only a scratch, but nevertheless an accident. Having been in the first minivan, we had noticed a slow-moving tin can-of-a-car crossing the intersection while all the other cars at the intersection where honking at him angrily. This driver was completely ignoring the red light and decided that the best alternative of following traffic laws was to ignore them and drive on. Next thing we realized the other van was no longer following us, and instead parked in the intersection with its hazard lights on. To avoid further delays and to make it to Bajo Lempa in time before the night was completely upon us, the drivers and police ended up agreeing that each driver would simply tend to the damage of their own car. I felt terrible for our driver Ricardo since it clearly was not his fault and the other driver should have paid or gotten a ticket. So, our journey continued.

We made it to Ciudad Romero without further interruptions, and since we were each split into groups of three or four among three host families, we arrived for our first dinner with our host families. I’m staying with host mother Chabella (=Isabella), father Jesus, their daughter Carina, and their son. It’s a lovely family, amazingly welcoming, and the women of the house are tremendous cooks! Now it’s off to bed! After hearing about the scorpion in the latrina, which my two roommates encountered, I’m definitely putting my mosquito net up, even though it probably won’t protect me from all the critters.


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