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Racing with Laurens TEN DAM

Featured Photo by Chris Brown

It wasn’t until the night before this race that I decided to come out to the UC Santa Cruz Slugapalooza Criterium in Salinas. I’m glad I did! Continue reading “Racing with Laurens TEN DAM”


Getting Pied

First race of the season was CCCX #2, on Keith DeFiebre’s Seaside Bay View Course. It’s great to have people like Keith as a local race promoter and integral part of our Monterey Peninsula cycling community. I like that course for its challenging 180 degree turns, and was looking forward to starting the season the right way. One of the racers I most looked up to from my 2015 racing experience, Mary Maroon, was present and it became a showdown between the two of us in the end. I played my cards nicely, positioned myself perfectly coming out of the final turn and accelerated to the win. Continue reading “Getting Pied”

Getting off to a good start

I have never felt so alive.

Back in December, I was often plagued by impatience and doubt about Chris and my training strategy. I wanted to believe that it would all turn out great in 2016, but after having a much more structured minute-by-minute workout plan in 2015 to guide the off-season’s training, our approach into 2016 was something much more abstract and took a while for my mind to accept. Continue reading “Getting off to a good start”

Tour of Utah WE

Fantastic event! Loved every bit of it from flying over to Utah with my teammate Siobhan to meeting our awesome team director and fellow composite team racer, Mindy McCutcheon, to crashing on the second and final day of the races which left me with lots of scars and a broken bike. Absolutely will do it again if I get the chance to come to this exciting invitational event. Continue reading “Tour of Utah WE”

Summaries from ToAD 2015

I know this has been way too long, but instead of deleting a good draft, I’m going to highlight two events that stood out to me from my ToAD experience from 2015. Continue reading “Summaries from ToAD 2015”

Racing at the 2015 Tour of America’s Dairyland

What comes to mind when you hear America’s Dairyland? …Well, Wisconsin of course! Wisconsin is known as the Badger State and it is also the dairy capital of the U.S.  It is sometimes called “America’s Dairyland” and has more dairy cows than any other state. And yes, it’s not a surprise that the recovery drinks handed out at the races were milk cartons. Wisconsin produces 15% of the entire country’s milk (2003, “Awesome America”).

Continue reading “Racing at the 2015 Tour of America’s Dairyland”

Topsport Stage Race


Women’s Pro/1/2


April 11 – April 12th, 2015


Stage 1: Woodward Reservoir Road Race—9.5 mile loop around the Woodward Reservoir. Finish is after a small hill. Course is primarily flat with rollers.

Stage 2: Rock Creek TT—10 mile out and back course on rolling terrain.

Stage 3: Copper Town Circuit Race—5.5 mile loop that starts in Copper Town Square and heads onto Little John Road then returns back to Copper Town Square. Excellent pavement.


Toasty and windy.

Continue reading “Topsport Stage Race”

Budweiser Sequoia Cycling Classic Criterium


Women’s Pro/1/2


Sunday, April 26th, 2015


0.7 mile counter-clockwise course starting in front of the City Hall. Lots of spectators, lots of primes, great prizes!


Continue reading “Budweiser Sequoia Cycling Classic Criterium”

Snelling Road Race


Women’s Pro/1/2


Saturday, February 21, 2015


A 11.7 mile loop northwest of Snelling, CA. Several small hills, several sharp turns, excellent to fair pavement. Continue reading “Snelling Road Race”

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